Brand New Set of Strings

10 Apr

“I bet this road will take me out of here /
Take me far away from Amarillo /
I bet this car will go real fast /
The wheels might even drive me past /
The places that you said I’d never go… /
You said I wouldn’t get too far /
On a tank of gas and an empty heart /
But I got everything I’ll ever need /
I got this old guitar and a brand new set of strings keys.”
– Miranda Lambert, “New Strings”

I have a new job.

That’s right, 23 months after coming home from my first week of work in tears, I am finally moving on to Big Girl Job #2.

I am so sad to leave the good and hilarious people I found at Job #1. Naturally, I went out with an epic happy hour after my last day, and I was reminded for the hundredth time how much I love all of them. They are sweet and caring and hardworking. And funny. Gut-wrenchingly funny. And the kids can drink. My kind of people, for sure. They were also incredibly gracious and encouraging when I announced my departure, and I was (still am) so grateful.

But y’all. I’m excited about this new gig. Really, genuinely excited.

I’m nervous too, just like I was when I started my first job, but –¬†knock on wood!!!! — I think I might be here for a while. And I also think I could be pretty great at this.

I’m scared. And pumped. And, *gasp*, ready.

“This could be the year /
This could be the moment /
You’ve been waiting your whole life to show the world the cards you’re holding.”
– Ryan Star, “This Could Be the Year”

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